What Blinds Are Best For Maximum Blackout

Here's our guide on how you can achieve maximum darkness for spaces such as bedrooms with our collection of blackout blinds. As all of our blinds are made to measure, this means the blinds fit perfectly to your windows, which reduces the amount of light bleed. 

Our Collection of Blackout Blinds


Roller Blinds

One of our most popular choices, is the Roller Blind in blackout fabric. Versatile to match your home or commercial space perfectly, as they are available in a wide range of colours and prints. Roller blinds can be operated manually or motorized, which is ideal for hard to reach windows - which is ideal for hard to reach windows or better accessibility. These stylish and modern blinds can be an ideal choice when choosing a blackout blind as they can accomadate up to a wide range of window sizes. 


Roman Blinds

If you're looking to bring the finishing touches to your home, look no further than Roman Blinds with a huge selection of fabric option. Combining the simplicity of a blind, with the luxuriousness of a curtain fabric, Roman Blinds are popular in spaces such as bedrooms, snug areas and enternatinment rooms. Available with a blackout lining and in either hadnstitched or machine stitched, Roman blinds can also help to maintain heat in a room with its thermal properties. Like Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and prints and they can be operated as manual or be motorized for ease of use. 



For extra elegance, Curtains with blackout lining can be the perfect solution for your interior scheme. With a wide collection of colours and prints, curtains also have thermal properties which help to maintain heat in a room. As all of our curtains are made to measure, we design them to perfectly fit your requirements which includes floor length, or if your window is situated just above a radiator, we can select a length that works best.


Laying Your Window Dressing

You can, of course, use more then one window dressing option, to create a modern look whilst maximising darkness in a room. For example, Roman Blinds can be layered with Curtains for extra opulence or Roller Blinds teamed with Roman Blinds can give a modern and sophisticated look to your interior. 



If you're looking to achieve darkness and help reduce outside noise, Shutters could be the perfect solution for you. Due to the nature of the frames, Shutters completely cover the windows or doors, which helps block out light and noise pollution from outside. Available in hardwood and PVC in a range of colours, Shutters can also be installed with a blackout blind for optimum darkness. Available for a wide range of windows, including shaped windows, shutters give a modern and stylish look to your interior. 


Please note: No window dressing provides 100% blackout, so always speak to our advisors who can advise what window dressing is best for your property. 

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